Performing business in a Shul


One may not perform matters of accounting in a Shul. [Thus, one may not perform accountings of budget, salary, or payments in a Shul. Likewise, one may not sell items in a Shul.]

For the sake of a Mitzvah:[2] It is permitted to perform matters of accounting in a Shul if the accounts are being done for the sake of a Mitzvah [such as a charity fund, or Pidyon Shvuyim[3]].




May one perform community related accountings in a Shul?[4]

No. This applies even if the community does not have another area to gather.


May one sell items in a Shul?[5]



May one sell Sefarim and other Tashmishei Kedusha in a Shul?[6]



May one sell Chameitz in a Shul?[7]



May one exchange money in a Shul?[8]



May a Din Torah be performed in a Shul?[9]

Seemingly it is permitted to do so being that it involves a Mitzvah.


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