Paying owed bus fares in Israel

Paying owed bus fares in Israel:[1]

If the fare machine of a public transportation bus in Israel is not working, under Israeli law as of October 2017, the company must still provide the bus service free of charge, and the customer is not required to repay the bus company for his fare, on another occasion. Accordingly, one is not required according to Halacha to pay the bus company back, irrelevant of the instructions of the driver, such as if he says to pay twice the next time. This law applies irrelevant to whether the company is Jewish or gentile owned. This law applies only to public transportation buses who work under a license of the ministry of transportation. This Halacha is subject to change in the event that the law changes.


[1] The law can be found here on the website of the Ministry of Transportation:

The following was a response of a representative of the ministry of transportation regarding verification of this law: “The traveler is not required to pay on the next time he travels on behalf of the previous use of transportation which was unable to collect the fare.”

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