Men trimming and shaving their legs, arms, chest and other limbs

Men shaving their legs, arms, chest and other limbs:[1]
It is permitted for men to remove with a scissor the hair of any of the other limbs of the body [excluding the areas mentioned above which are the Peiyos, beard, pubic hair and armpit hair that are forbidden to be removed].

Razor and razor like scissor shave: One may shave the other limbs, using a scissor, to even a razor like shave.[2] It is however forbidden for a man to shave any area of his body using an actual razor.[3]


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The reason: As this makes the man appear like a woman, even if it involves only the arms. [Taz 181/4]

Other opinions: Some Poskim rule it is permitted for a man to shave the limbs of his body even using a razor. [Tur, brought in Taz ibid and Hagahos Hataz]

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