Leaving your website open on Shabbos

May one leave a website store open over Shabbos?

Some Poskim[1] rule one is not to allow his website business to remain open on Shabbos.[2] Others[3] rule it is permitted to leave one’s website open over Shabbos even if it performs sales of merchandise on Shabbos.[4] Nevertheless, if it is common for also Jews who transgress Shabbos to purchase from the site, then it is proper to close it over Shabbos.[5] There are various companies who provide Shabbos closing services for websites based on the customers current location.[6]

Information service website: Those websites which provide information in exchange for a onetime fee [i.e. phone number; legal record; etc] and those websites who have an entrance fee for each time one enters, some Poskim[7] rule are forbidden to remain open on Shabbos.[8]


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