Gentile castrating animal

Is a gentile prohibited from castrating a human/animal as part of the Nohadite laws?

This matter is disputed in the Talmud[1] and Poskim. Some Poskim[2] rule that Gentiles are not prohibited against castrating. Other Poskim[3] rule that gentiles are prohibited against castrating. Practically, they are to be stringent and not do so.[4]

Asking a gentile to castrate an animal:[5]

It is forbidden to ask a gentile[6] to destroy the reproductive organs of one’s animal.[7]


[1] Rav Chidka and Tana Divei Menashe in Sanhedrin 56b and in Bava Metzia 90a rules they are commanded against castrating; The Tana Kama in Sanhedrin ibid rules they are not included in the prohibition

[2] Rambam; Rosh; Rashba; Hagahos Maimanis, brought in Beis Shmuel 5/16

[3] Semag; Hagahos Ashri, brought in Beis Shmuel 5/16

[4] Beis Shmuel 5/16

[5] Michaber E.H. 5/14

[6] Literally “Kutti”

[7] The reason: This is forbidden due to Amira Lenachri, as every matter in the Torah that is forbidden for a Jew to perform is likewise forbidden for a Jew to ask a Gentile to do for him. [Beis Shmuel 5/16; Beir Hagoleh; Admur 243/1; 343/5; 450/20; Ribis 72; Sheila Usechirus 29; Michaber C.M. 338/6 [regarding muzzling animal]; Question brought in Bava Metzia 90a and above Poskim rule stringently-see Biur Hagr”a 5/32] Alternatively, the reason is because it is Biblically forbidden for even a gentile to destroy the reproductive organs of a human/animal, and it is part of the Nohadite laws. [Beis Shmuel 5/16; Rav Chidka in Bava Metzia 90a and Sannhedrin 56b]

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