Arla by tree of gentile

Do the laws of Arla apply to the tree of a gentile? May a Jew eat the fruits of the first three years from a gentile owned tree?[1]

The fruits of all trees contain the Biblical Arla prohibition, whether the tree is owned by a Jew or a gentile, and whether in Eretz Yisrael or the Diaspora. [Even the Arla fruits of a gentile in the Diaspora is Biblically forbidden.[2] Some Poskim[3] however rule that the Arla fruits of a gentile in the Diaspora is merely Rabbinically forbidden.]


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Other opinions: Some Poskim rule that the Arla fruit of a gentile is not prohibited for a Jew. [Pirush Hamishnayos of Rambam Arla 1/3; See Beis Yosef 294 and Birkeiy Yosef ibid; The Rambam in Mishneh Torah ibid retracted from this opinion]

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