Accepting presents

Accepting presents:[1]
It is a Midas Chassidus for one not to accept presents and rather to trust in Hashem that He will give one that which he lacks.[2] 


Maaseh Shehaya

Rebbe refuses new car:
The Rebbe lived by this dictum very vividly. On one occasion in 1986, a wealthy Chassid purchased the Rebbe a new car and had it brought by the Rebbe’s driver to 770 to pick up the Rebbe. The Rebbe refused to accept the car, stating “Hasoneh Matanos Yichyeh” and asked for the old car to be returned. The old car was returned and the Rebbe drove away.

Rebbe pays for Megillah:
In one year Reb Getzil Rubashkin purchased the Rebbe a beautiful Megillah and gave it to him as a present. The Rebbe refused to accept it unless he paid $50 for it.Rebe Gettzil refused but was left with no choice and the Rebbe hence gave him the money.[3]


[1] Admur Hilchos Mechira 9 [same exact wording as Michaber brought next]; Michaber C.M. 249/5; Kiddushin 59a regarding story with Rav Gidal who refused to receive a present of property from Rav Aba. 

[2] The reason: As the verse [Mishlei 15/27] states “Hasoneh Matanos Yichyeh.” [Admur and Michaber ibid] One who accepts presents can lead him to chase after money and steal or become dishonest. Avoiding presents emphasizes one’s integrity. [Mefarshim on Mishlei ibid] Likewise, people are usually in search for money to feed themselves and their families, and on this the verse teaches that on the contrary, one who does not accept presents lives. The reason for this is because one who accepts presents is now “bribed” against chastising the giver for wrongdoing and he gets into the habit of flattering people. [Smeh 249/4] 

[3] See Hiskashrus 1025

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