Birchas Ilanos

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy me here or on   Birchas Ilanos:[1] One who walks outside[2] in the month of Nissan and sees trees which are sprouting forth blossom needs to say the blessing of “Shelo Chiser Biolamo Klum[3], Uvara Bo Brios Tovos Veilanos Tovos Leihanos […]

Moving a pen or pencil on Shabbos

Moving a pen or pencil on Shabbos: An inexpensive pen or pencil that one is not particular with: Muktzah contains various categories, each with their pertinent laws or moving regulations. A typical inexpensive pen or pencil which one is not particular against using it for other purposes due to fear […]

Blessing on onion rings

Blessing on onion rings [i.e. rings of onion coated with breadcrumbs]:[1] Onion rings are typically made through coating a ring of an onion in a flour-based dip, and then deep frying it. In addition to the flour-based dip, some also coat the ring with dry bread crumbs, hence adding a […]