Paying rent on time

Paying rent on time: Rent of object:[1] It is an obligation to pay rent for an animal or item on time, and if one delays doing so he transgresses a negative command.[2] Rent of land/house:[3] Some Poskim[4] rule one who does not pay land related rent on time does not […]

Crying on Shabbos

May one cry on Shabbos? One who receives pleasure from crying, may cry on Shabbos.[1] Thus, one may cry out of feelings of yearning and Dveikus for Hashem, such as occurs by those who Daven with concentration.[2] Furthermore, if one is saddened by a certain matter, and by crying over […]

Lag BaOmer

1. Historical background-What occurred on Lag BaOmer? It is accustomed to increase slightly in joy on Lag BaOmer.[1] Various reasons behind this celebration have been recorded.[2] The classical reason recorded in Poskim[3] is that on this day, Lag BaOmer, the last of the 24,000 students died. Others[4] however write that […]