Blowing bubbles on Shabbos

May one blow bubbles on Shabbos?[1] Blowing bubbles on Shabbos enters into the question of whether it transgresses the Molid prohibition due to it changing the form of the water into foam. Practically, the mainstream approach follows that it does not contain a Molid prohibition, and therefore children may blow […]

Fish and Dairy [Milk Cheese Butter]

Fish with dairy:[1] There is no Basar Bechalav prohibition involved in cooking and/or eating fish with milk, even Rabbinically.[2] Nonetheless, the Poskim debate as to whetehr it is forbidden to eat the two together due to danger, similar to the prohibition of eating fish and meat together due to danger. […]

Owning Gebrochts on Pesach

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy me here or on Making/owning Gebrochts: The entire stringency of Gebrochts is only regarding eating it. It is however permitted to own Gebrochts even according to the stringent opinion.[1] Accordingly, there is no issue with washing one’s floors that contain Matzah crumbs, even though […]