Making use of a Bima

Making use of the Bima: The Bima onto which the Sefer Torah is placed is considered Tashmishei Kedusha[1], and is therefore forbidden to be used for mundane purposes.[2] If, however, the Sefer Torah is not directly placed onto the Bima, but rather is always placed on a cloth which is […]

May a woman or child write a Megillah

May a woman write a Megillah?[1] Some Poskim[2] rule a woman is valid to write a Megillah, and one may thus even initially read the Megillah from a Megillah written by a woman.[3] Other Poskim[4] rule a woman is invalid to write a Megillah. [Practically, one is not to initially […]

Magicians according to Halacha

Magicians:[1] It is forbidden to perform an action that make it appear to the onlooker as if he is performing a supernatural act.[2] One who does so transgress the Biblical command of “Lo Sionein” and is liable for Biblical lashes.[3] According to many Poskim[4] this prohibition applies even when one […]

Where is Mordechai and Esther buried?

Where is Mordechai and Esther buried? Mordechai is buried in the city of Shushan.[1] The tomb of Mordechai can be found in the city of Hamadan, Iran. Esther is buried in a Northern Galilean town called Baram.[2] She was buried there by her son Daryaveish, the king of Persia, who […]