Paying rent on time

Paying rent on time: Rent of object:[1] It is an obligation to pay rent for an animal or item on time, and if one delays doing so he transgresses a negative command.[2] Rent of land/house:[3] Some Poskim[4] rule one who does not pay land related rent on time does not […]

Gentile keeping Shabbos

May a gentile keep Shabbos?[1] It is forbidden for a gentile to keep Shabbos. It is forbidden for him to keep Shabbos even on a weekday. A gentile who keeps Shabbos is liable. May a gentile who is in the process of conversion keep Shabbos? A gentile who is in […]

Can a gentile pour the water on a person’s hands?[1] It is permitted for a gentile to wash one’s hands.[2] However, some Poskim[3] are stringent regarding a gentile to not allow a gentile to wash his hands.[4] Practically, it is proper to be stringent like their words to not have […]


Kevurah: A. Eulogy/Hesped:[1] One does not say a Hesped on Rosh Chodesh[2], unless the person is a Torah Sage, and his body is present at the time of the Hesped.[3] Some opinions[4] rule that a Hesped should not be said even on the night of Rosh Chodesh. B. Tziduk Hadin:[5] […]